Work with me

So, what’s the process you ask?
Such a brilliant question, please, let me explain.

Step one

You need to fill in the form on the book now page. Tap, tap, tap, click. And off to me it flutters and flies.

Step two

I will contact you to tee up a time to really chat. Here’s the tricky bit – it would be perfect if you could tell me a time to phone and catch both you and your mum also. When I do bring-bring, click me onto speakerphone so you can both get in on the call.

Step three

Well this is all the top-secret magic stuff that happens. The rainbow flows between you and me, we ride a unicorn and we get all excited, inspired and to know each other. Basically we plan your session.

Step four

The actual photo session. Your make-up is applied on location – bringing out your eyes and your natural glowing self – and booya, it’s show time baby! Don’t worry, I get nervous about loads of things too. It will be sweeeeet!

Step five

More of that magic fairy dust stuff. Oh, you’re doing your thing uninterrupted and your images are doing their thing to get ready to be presented to you. I probably didn’t need to add this as a step, but you know, it is one on my end.

Step six

You, your parents and me meet at the Metro Arts Substation for a chat again (this time about how much fun you had during the shoot) and to eat lollies together. Oh, and to look at the results. Choose your final products and the likes.

Step seven

I’m tempted to leave this for another magic time space. But lets allow that and I’ll just skip ahead and say your art will be ready for you to come gush over and take home in your hot lil’ hand ready to show off to anyone and everyone who’ll peep.

Step eight

This is where the abounding love keeps flowing, your friends will see your brilliant art piece and want one too. You’ll tell them all about it, and when they come in for their sessions well, I’ll be in contact with you to say a big mega huge thanks again (for spreading the word) along with a lil’ something-something for your support. As long as it doesn’t feel like bribery…Is it? Naa, it’s just my gratitude gift!

Ummm, so what are you waiting for!?

CLICK HERE and let’s get the party started in here!

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Adress:Metro Arts Substation 97 Wynnum Road, Norman Park, QLD Studio
Phone: 07 3041 4107